effet de transparence


jardin de la pagode

In the pagoda garden, the flow of water can be compared to the life cycle.

In this garden a group of rocks represents the mountain from which flows a head symbol of the birth. From the source to the pool, a small vivid stream evokes childhood, the pond evokes the period of doubt and indecision of adolescence, followed by the cascade symbolizing the physical and intellectual changes of this period.
To reflect the problems of adult life, the stream which follows is meandering and the water is running, symbolizing active life. Finally, the central pond in the garden, the lake, represents old age and retirement, a calm and serene period, very important if we take into account the size of the lake compared to other periods.


The Islands of Paradise are there to symbolize life after old age and death. As the lake bottom is not visible, it can be compared to the representation of immortality and eternal life.

Arbre persistant taillé

The vegetation is rich with many species, composed of plants spring blooming, summer flowering or taking interesting colours in autumn, and perennial plants.

In this way, all seasons are marked and there has been over the years a "transformation" of the garden, which symbolizes the different stages of life.

Spring Flowers : birth, youth (the camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas).

Summer Flowers : maturity, adult life (catalpas, seringats)

Autumn Flowers : the rich colours of autumn symbolize the wealth of knowledge acquired throughout his life (maples of Japan, nandines, larch of China).
The falling leaves symbolize death.

The persistence of winter : immortality or life form before a new life (coniferous, laurels, aucubas).