Tearoom, shop, specialized garden centre 

Salon de thé Parc Oriental, terrasse, public

The tea room / food & beverage

The tea room

The tea room offers an indoor space and a shaded terrace, bordered by a Koi pond. Over lunch, a snack or a drink, take the time to have a break in a green setting.

Contact the tea room:  salondethe@parc-oriental.com


Picnicking is not allowed in the park, except during the Hanami period (picnics under the cherry trees). A picnic area with tables is located near the car park outside the park.

The shop


The souvenir shop welcomes you with a broad range of products related to the Parc Oriental and Japan.

Souvenirs : postcards, books, magnets, key rings, natural incense, wind chimes, traditional Japanese chimes (furin), Japanese Zori and Tabi, teas offered in the tea room, articles and accessories around tea and others oriental products

Shop contact: 02 41 55 06 89, boutique@parc-oriental.col

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Boutique, Parc oriental, public
Pavillon des plantes parc Oriental, public

The Plant Pavilion

Specialised garden centre

Discover the plant pavilion and its remarkable collection of bonsai trees. The gardeners welcome you and guide you in the purchase of your plants (bamboos, azaleas, aquatic plants, Japanese maples, etc.). Bonsai tree specialists share their know-how and advise you on choosing and cultivating your trees (pots, specialised accessories, soil, scissors, etc.).

the bonsai tree collection

A unique collection of bonsai trees bequeathed to the Parc Oriental  by a passionate collector is on display in the Plant Pavilion. The Park’s gardeners are the second generation to cultivate and grow these trees, to the delight of all.

Contact the Plant Pavilion: 06 61 02 72 72, serre@parc-oriental.com