Garden by night

Jardin de nuit

Unusual walking of shadows and lights

Voyage sous la lune

The walker leaves slowly the day to the world of the night step and he is offered a new instant, new thoughts, feelings unusual. He leaves landscapes of obviousness and falls within the domain of the doubt and the strange.

He captures the secret breath of this kind of nature, which oscillates from the shadow to the light, which goes from secret to blazing. During the day, this parc is full of nature from elsewhere. The night gives a whole new dimension.


Under the lighting effects, a moving and mysterious fresco is organized; thoughts from the heart and troubles of the soul and our mind's own illumination. It is the alliance of artificial light and multiplied shadows of this rich landscape, whether stone, vegetation, deep pond or black foliage, sacred buildings or pruned groves, flexible bamboo or powerful rocks.

The song and the words of your wise guide, who accompanies the visitor, will make this nocturnal ramble a unique moment of aesthetic sensations, reverie and meditation.

Pont rouge sous la lune

For individuals

From  May to  September,

  • May, June and september :
    • every Saturday evening and holiday eves and bank holidays.
  • July, august
    • every Saturday evening and holiday eves and bank holidays
    • every Wednesday evening
    • Every fridy evenning between july 14th and august 15th
For groups

The nocturnal walks must be booked at least 15 days in advance. Tickets can be grouped (day visit + night). One person will accompany the group throughout the visits.


Night visit starting times in 2020 :
  • May : 2-7-9-16-20-23-30-31 from 21h45 to 00h30
  • June : 6-13-20-27 from 22h to 00h30
  • July : 1-4-8-11-13-15-17-18-22-24-25-29-31 from 21h45 to 00h30
  • August : 1-5-7-8-12-14-15-19-22-26-29 from 21h30 to 00h30
  • September : 5-12-19-26 from 21h to 00h30

Visit time: between 1 h 30 and 2 h - about 1 km 800


  • 10 € (single).
  • 8 € (groups / disabled / student).
  • Free for less than 12 years .
  • Annual Season day and night Pass : 34 €.